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28 February 2006 @ 10:32 pm
My mom is such a fucking bitch. I don't understand why she still has to treat me like I'm 9 years old. I'm going to be 18 in April for Christ's sake!

Okay. So today I was really tired and wound up falling asleep in my room. At dinner time my mom woke me up and made me go out to the dinner table even though I wasn't feeling good and didn't feel like eating. So I didn't eat anything and just came back to my room. I didn't go back to sleep but I just kinda sat there and flipped through channels and waited for 8 o'clock cause it's Tuesday and Gilmore Girls was on tonight. so yea. At 9 I take a shower and then at around 10 Shawn calls. I blow dry m hair. By now I'm feeling better and I'm really hungry. so I go out to the kitchen and start fixing myself a bowl of cereal. When I'm about to pour the milk on it my mom god "What are you doing." I tell her I'm eating. "You can't eat now." I'm hungry, I'm eating. "Then eat pork chops and macaroni and cheese." No. It's cold. "So heat it up." It's been sitting on the counter and the table for hours. I'm not eating it. "You're going to school on Friday." That's fine. I have an algebra test anyway.

And all of this is while she's laying in bed in her room. That food has seriously been sitting there for over 3 hours. God knows what or who got into it. No way in hell am I eating it. She actually left my plate on the table with tator tots on it like I was seriously going to eat the food that has been sitting there...Right. Keep telling yourself that mom.

And she fucking wonders why I want to stay in Florida for college. Lets see. I HAVE NO FAMILY HERE AT ALL!!!!!!!!! No fucking family to deal with. Now see. Roommates, college people, I can deal with them. I can just tell them to fuck off and not have to deal with it. But I can't exactly tell my mother to fuck off. *shrug* Yea sure I'll miss her. But I won't miss her being a fucking life sucking bitch.

In other news...canker sores hurt.
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