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03 March 2006 @ 09:28 am
Senior Skip Day C/O 2006!  
That was a generally entertaining morning.

I went and got my blood test done. Needles are evil but it still wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. See what happens when you hold a four year old down and force her to give you blood of DNA testing?! She's afraid of needles when she grows up!

But anyway. So on the way home, after my mom went and got weighed and I got some Starbucks, we started talking about what I'll be like in college. Apparently my dad seems to think that I'll either become an alcoholic or a sex fiend. I found this very funny. And then after that my mom and I started talking about drugs and if I had done any and all that jazz. I told her about Frank's graduation party and how I got drunk and all that jazz. *shrug* She wasn't surprised at all. I guess she just figured that I'd been drinking because well...Everyone else in my school drinks. *shrugs* She said drinking and weed is fine (another thing I found funny) but to do no hard alcohol or drugs. which is perfectly fine with me because cocaine and crack and all that shit...totally not my thing. And the hard alcohol, I'll stick to my Smirnoff's thank you.

But anyway. My first driving lesson was yesterday too. The guy said I did pretty good and my mom is even letting me drive to the nail place up by Magnolia today because we're gonna go get our nails done at 10, because that is when it opens. Sounds all peachy to me, I do need to get used to driving on the roads. Yesterday though the guy had me go as far as Atlantic and Coral Springs. I did go on University for a couple minutes. But that was back far far north of university where the speed limit is only 25 mph. And I drove during rush hour too...so *shrugs* I'm gonna go....

Owies...the inside of my elbow is starting to get a painful bruise...ouchies.

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SoulMusicalitysoulmusicality on March 16th, 2006 01:16 pm (UTC)
*is insulted* Now what's wrong with being a sex fiend? *smirk*

I should introduce you to the wonder known as Jack and Coke.